About Avanguardia
Avanguardia is a UAE based company that helps entrepreneur to scale their online business. 

We are specifically specialized in E-commerce businesses that sell on the Amazon platform. 

We also are happy to help our clients with their online training and e-learning business. 

Our CEO - Giorgio Tavazza, has been wildly successful in both areas of online business, and now is helping new and upcoming entrepreneurs to develop their own successful online presence. 

About Giorgio Tavazza - Founder
Giorgio is an online entrepreneur who currently owns four international companies with presence in Dubai, London, Miami and Singapore.
This is his full story:

When he was in third high school, Giorgio realized he wouldn't be doing another 2 years of normal high school.
He would have done a year abroad, or he would have tried to do two years in one as a privatist to try to go out without being 5 years in an Italian school.
In the end, he decided to make a year abroad and left to do the fourth year of high school abroad. Coincidentally it happened to an American family who lived in Newport Beach, a small town in California.
As soon as he arrived in California, Giorgio quickly realized that the world was completely different from what he was used to, his Economics Teacher actively invested in the stock market and had bought the house after investing in Microsoft in the 90s. Most of the students at the school (Newport Harbor High school) worked to be independent. One episode in particular made Giorgio realize how different the world was ... A chance encounter with a 16-year-old boy who told him how, after the death of his father, he had created his business and managed to support the mother and her family .. only 16 years old.
In addition, particular gratitude is expressed by Giorgio towards the family that hosted him in the last 6 months of his stay in the United States. Giorgio says "probably much of the credit for what I managed to do today is thanks to the way they welcomed me and made me live in their family".
As soon as he returned to Italy, with completely different eyes, Giorgio had decided to start working online:

Just returned to Rome in the summer of 2017, Giorgio starts his first online business, Amazon FBA.
The business model is based on selling products on the Amazon platform, after buying them at a fraction of the price from China.
This is the first real business that Giorgio Start and that allows him to realize how, with a computer and information collected online, anyone could have created their own future online.

Giorgio will spend the rest of 2017 focusing on his business and trying to decipher the algorithms that governed Amazon and the sponsored products on his platform.

In early 2018, Giorgio decided to start sharing his experience and history online.
He opens the Youtube channel called "Giorgio Tavazza" and starts posting simple guides describing the world of Amazon FBA and e-commerce.
He immediately realizes that many people are starting to be interested in his story and slowly he starts to share more and more guides and aspects of his business.
In March 2018, after great demand, Giorgio decided to create the first premium guide to sell on Amazon, which he calls AVANGUARDIA FBA, and illustrates the strategies that Giorgio used to sell online.
Giorgio spends the rest of 2018 sharing his story, climbing his business on Amazon and selling training courses for Amazon FBA.
He quickly realizes how much online business can change people's lives when some of his students reach several thousand euros in sales on Amazon with their online stores.
2019 is probably the most important year for Giorgio as he will face various difficulties that will make him grow quickly and mature in his role as leader and online entrepreneur.
Giorgio purchases the web domain www.avanguardia.com for around € 5,000 and the Avanguardia is officially founded a company specializing in online business based in the United Arab Emirates.
Giorgio from January 2019 moves and goes to live on the Palma Jumeirah in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

In the following months Giorgio will open a company in Singapore to expand his Amazon FBA business globally and be able to sell in every Amazon marketplace.
It also opens a company in Miami, Florida, USA, which today deals with offering B2B services in the field of Marketing and Online Business.
At the end of 2019 Giorgio decides to open a company in London, United Kingdom, where he decides to spend the winter renting a villa in the Greenwich district.

Giorgio's focus for 2020 will be to invest in property to generate a passive and stable income.
Furthermore, Giorgio decided to focus his training company on a single business model, using a single funnel and a single marketing strategy.
Giorgio will continue to share his experience on social media and on his Youtube channel.



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